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Control Center is the automated connectivity management platform that puts you in control of your IoT business.
Grow revenue, lower operational costs, and transform your customer experience.

More than 10,000 companies across every industry rely on Cisco Jasper Control Center to transform from a product to a service business, and achieve meaningful business results: 
•  Ensure the highest service reliability at a lower cost
•  Streamline operations and eliminate unpredictable spend
•  Rapidly scale and generate new revenue streams to drive profitability
•  Identify security issues and protect connected devices, customer data, and IT systems

CISCOJASPER ​Control Center
Professional Services

We can :

Evaluate and optimize your Control Center usage

Help you integrate APIs to backend Systems

Help you stay current with new features

CISCO JASPER ​Control Center
Managed Services

We can :

Manage your Control Center remotely

Assist you solving device connectivity issues

Optimize rate plans

CISCOJASPER Control Center 

We can:

Train your new or existing Control Center users

Train your sales team 

Assist your sales team

Introducing Control Center 7.0 for IoT

Take a look at Control Center 7.0! Learn what's new and discover how new features and enhanced functionality can help you take control of your IoT services with automation,

visibility and security.

Control Center demo, chapter 1: 
​Introduction to Connectivity Management

Get a quick introduction to why cost-effectively managing IoT device connectivity is mission critical for a successful IoT connected business.

Control Center Product Tour - 2: Lifecycle automation

Cisco Jasper Control Center Product Tour – Chapter 2: Lifecycle Automation See how automated rules for managing device connectivity help businesses deliver reliable IoT services at a lower cost.

Control Center Product Tour - 3: Cost management

Cisco Jasper Control Center Product Tour – Chapter 3: Cost Management See how usage analytics and automation help you optimize IoT device connectivity rate plans and ensure predictable costs to avoid bill shock.

Control Center Product Tour - 4: Comprehensive security

Cisco Jasper Control Center Product Tour – Chapter 4: Comprehensive Security Learn how automated rules for SIM security help protect your IoT devices, customer data and backend systems from unauthorized use.

Control Center Product Tour - 5: Monitoring and diagnostics

Cisco Jasper Control Center Product Tour – Chapter 5: Monitoring and Diagnostics See how 24/7 visibility, analytics and remote diagnostics help you quickly find and fix connectivity issues to ensure reliable IoT services.

Control Center Product Tour - 6: Global scaling

Cisco Jasper Control Center Product Tour – Chapter 6: Global Scaling Learn how you can quickly and cost-effectively scale your IoT business via Cisco Jasper’s partnerships with 550+ mobile network providers worldwide.

Control Center Product Tour - 7: IT integration

See how extensive APIs and technology partnerships make it easy to control IoT connectivity and capture data insights from within your chosen IT systems.

Control Center Premium Services 
​Traffic Segmentation for your Connected Devices

Hear how Traffic Segmentation - a premium service designed to enhance our Cisco Jasper Control Center connectivity management platform - allows you to micro-segments data traffic and usage from your connected IoT devices and empowers your business to act in real-time to run more profitable business operations.