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Growing an awesome partner ecosystem is not an easy task. It requires both dedication and care. We spend a great deal of time and efforts to choose each partners that will be part of our journey. If you believe in success through collaboration, embrace a customer first philosophy and provide a proven or a disruptive solution or service YES, we absolutely want to talk with YOU!

 “Seize the Digital Ecosystem Opportunity.”

In the report, Gartner notes that “in digital ecosystems, 79% of the survey’s top performers indicate they participate in a digital ecosystem vs. 49% and 24% for typical and trailing performers, respectively.

 In another Gartner article

   “Ecosystems are the future of digital,”

Gartner Research SVP Peter Sondegaard doesn’t mince words,


“Avoiding participation is not an option.”

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The Kankei Group Inc Certified Partner's program was created to ensure that all solution partners have been evaluated  equally by our team of industry experts. The evaluation is to insure the standard of the quality of service, customer experience and market competitiveness.

Furthermore, we make sure that each partner shares our beliefs in success by collaboration and customer first practice.