IoT Development Kits

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Whether you are designing a circuit board from scratch, adding cellular connectivity to an existing product, or building onto one of today’s sophisticated microprocessors or microcontrollers, Skywire development kits simplify cellular modem connectivity and product prototyping.

Development Kits

Skywire modem kits allows direct modem connection to your circuit board with everything you need for successful prototyping.

Comprehensive Support Services

NimbeLink and Kankei Group offer a variety of support services including technical advice and schematic reviews.

Skywire Development Kit 


Skywire LTE-M1 Development Kit

Skywire Arduino Cellular Shield

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Skywire BeagleBone Black Cape

Skywire BeagleBone Cape Lite

Microchip chipKIT WF32

MikroElectronika Skywire Click

Mini-PCI Express

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Skywire NXP i.MX Series

NXP Kinetis mbed Shield-SWSK

Raspberry Pi Skywire Adapter

Skywire Renesas RL78 PMOD Adapter Kit

Skywire Renesas Synergy PMOD Adapter Kit

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Skywire S2C-Link Accessory Kit

Skywire Sensor Shield NL-SWSK