KanKei Group Inc

IoT Product Development
​We can help you from design and beyond the production line.

Do you need a proof of concept ?

If you are a Canadian company, with at least 2 years in business and 3 employees, ask us about financial leverage !

Have you considered the industrial design of your product?

We can help with UX/UI design and prototyping.

Have you consider pre-certifications?

We can help you  save time and money !

Need help with cellular connectivity?

Competitive pricing and no minimum commitment


How will you manufacture your product once you are ready? We can help!

Logistic Management
Managing inventory and  shipping it to clients is not an easy task. Yes, we can help you there too!
Go-to-market strategies

Our team of experts has over 200 years of combine experience in channel and sales development. 

Perhaps we can assist you in winning sales?